Benefits of 6-Inch Gutters

The main purpose of gutters is to manage runoff from the roof. While a 5-inch gutter system is adequate for many households, there are certain circumstances where a larger gutter size might be the ideal solution for your home’s exterior. Benefits of installing 6-inch gutters include larger water capacity, better suited to some roofing materials than others, and offer large houses more protection from water damage.

Double Water Capacity

Six inch gutters channel larger volumes of water. In fact, a 6” gutter system handles 40% more rainwater than standard 5-inch gutters. Increased water capacity is a plus in our Northwest Pacific climate where we typically receive a lot of rain during the winter months.

Advantages of double water capacity are:

  • Prevents overflowing
  • Protects your home’s exterior from water damage including cracks, leaks, and mould
  • Minimizes pooling water
  • Reduces the chances of clogs forming in the downspouts
  • Gutter system still works efficiently if there is only one downspout

Better for Roofs with Overhangs

 Because 6” gutters extend past the roofline or the eaves, runoff falls easily into the gutter channel without risk of overflowing (collecting in the gutter channel until it spills over the top) or overshooting (missing the gutters altogether). For roof styles that hang noticeably past the fascia, 6-inch gutters offer additional protection.

Better for Some Types of Roofing Materials

Some types of roofing materials such as metal, slate, clay, plastic composite, and cedar are smooth textured and offer no resistance to rainwater as it travels down the roof. Heavy rainfall on roofing system made from any one of these materials can gain impressive speed and might overwhelm standard 5” gutters. Six inch gutters are wider, making them equipped to handle large amounts of runoff.

Complex Roof Configurations

Multilevel houses typically have multiple roofs. An efficient gutter system will be designed to drain rainwater from the upper storeys into the gutters on the first floor. A 6” gutter will be able to handle the volume of water being directed from the individual roofs.

Large Houses

Take into account the size of your house. Large houses have roofs with greater roof surface areas. Six inch gutters will accommodate more rainwater coming down a larger roofing system, reducing the risk of overflowing gutters, stained siding, and washed out landscaping (soil erosion.).

Steep Pitch Roofs

Roofs with a steep pitch such as a gable, A-frame, or hip, are specifically designed to shed water quickly. Combined with types of roofing materials that offer no or little resistance to runoff flowing down the roof and into the gutters, 6” gutters might be a good choice for managing larger volumes of water.

Covers the Fascia

Fascia boards cover the roof ends. Typically 5-inch gutters don’t completely cover the fascia boards to which they are attached, leaving parts of the fascia unprotected and exposed to the elements. Because 6” gutters cover most widths of fascia, they protect the fascia from wood rot, mould growth, and other types of water damage.

Boosted Curb Appeal

Six inch gutters look better, especially if you have a bigger home. Five inch gutters on a large or mansion-size house can appear too small, upsetting the “balance”e of a home’s exterior. Larger gutters define the roof and accent the more prominent architectural features of a home. A 6” inch gutter system boosts curb appeal in subtle ways including creating a dramatic vibe, expressing the character and personality of your home, and making a home look more expensive.