Add Decorative Elements to Your Gutters

Most of us have seen those funny and outrageous downspout pics on social media. The Tin Man downspout is especially amusing. But even new standard gutters tend to be bland. By adding decorative elements such as leader heads or embossed brackets, homeowners can easily increase their curb appeal with a gutter system that looks as good as it is functional.

Rain Chains

Rain chains have been around for hundreds of years, originating in Japan. Today, they are typically used instead of downspouts. They can be incorporated into a gutter system in three main ways: by replacing all of the downpipes; by replacing just one downspout; or by adding to the existing number of downpipes. Rain chains consist of a string of shapes that interrupt the speed of the water as it flows down from the roof. The aesthetic appeal of a rain chain is its availability in a wide range of materials, designs, and themes.

Leader Heads

If downpipes can’t be directly connected to the gutters, leader heads are used to collect water and direct it into the downspouts. However, in the past few years, leader heads or conductor boxes have become a popular decorative element of gutter systems even when downpipes are connected to the gutters by a gutter outlet. A leader head is made of any type of material other types of gutter accessories are made from including copper, steel, and aluminum. Decorative leader heads offer elegant architectural detailing to a home exterior.

Decorative Downspouts

Decorative downspouts add a distinctive character to your home. They come in a number of options, including themed downspout add-ons that attach over the end of downpipe just below the elbow where the water exits or ones that fit over the bottom half of the downpipe, replacing the standard elbow.

Decorative Hangers and Brackets

You can further increase the visual impact of a gutter system with decorative hangers for gutters and brackets for downspouts. While many types of gutter accessories, including brackets and hangers, are made of copper designed to be used with copper gutters, you can find engraved or stamped hangers and brackets made of metals compatible with aluminum gutters.