About Subcontractors

When hiring contractors to install gutters or siding on your home, it’s good to: ask questions; check references and documentation (insurance, certifications, etc.); and get at least three estimates for an in-depth comparison. But you should also find out if the company you are hiring will send their own employees to do the job or use subcontractors (someone they’ve hired to do the work for them). It can make a big difference.

A subcontractor doing your gutters or siding installation is essentially a question mark, and you are letting them into your home (figuratively speaking). You don’t know the workers’ qualifications, experience or training. Accountability is harder to track. Sometimes there is little quality control. Occasionally, the subcontracting company will substitute different or less expensive materials that might not be readily noticeable until after the work has been completed.

Companies use subcontractors for one of two reasons: they are too busy or they don’t have employees with the expertise for that particular type of work. Gutter contractors who complete the project with their own employees have better control over the quality of work and materials they provide. They also tend to have a vested interest in a successful outcome, take pride in the project, and genuinely care about customer satisfaction.