5 Ways to Boost your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal with trellis
A trellis adds charm to this home’s curb appeal.


It doesn’t take much: a little soapy water or some quality time with trimming shears can really boost your curb appeal. But don’t do it just for visitors. See what these five simple ways to improve your home exterior can do for the pride you have in your property.

Focal Point

Create a focal point; it will help make your home and yard more appealing. Place a comfortable wicker chair by the front door; lay down stepping-stones leading from a bench to a favourite flower bed; add a fountain or trellis. Garden accents not only make your home seem welcoming, they can also increase your personal enjoyment.

Exterior Elements

Rethink exterior elements such planters, awnings and shutters. You can greatly improve the overall appearance of your home exterior by replacing that old mailbox, worn house numbers or outdated light fixtures.

Hardscape Elements

Don’t forget about your hardscaping, the inanimate elements of a landscaped yard such as a patio, pathways and driveway, a deck or fence. Bring hardscape elements back to life by restaining the deck, replacing a cement path with flagstone or adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.


Touch up the trim around the windows and front door with fresh paint. Don’t neglect any other woodwork like shutters or the front door that could benefit from being painted. If your home doesn’t have siding and you can’t remember that last time you painted the exterior, maybe now is a good time. Take the opportunity to select a new colour for a truly updated look.

Weed and Trim

Weed the flower beds and window boxes. Trim shrubs and borders. Look up. Trim and branches too close to the roof and gutters. Does the lawn need reseeding? If you’re landscaping is basic, flowering plants and shrubs can add visual interest with splashes of color.