5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door

A garage at the front of a house, being one of the most visible aspects of your home’s exterior, commands a lot of attention. When it doesn’t complement your home’s style or is damaged and unsightly, a garage door upgrade is a relatively inexpensive way to improve resale value and curb appeal.

1. Improved Curb Appeal

Because a garage door is so noticeable when seen from the street, it can really impact a visitor’s first impression. The door doesn’t even have to be beaten up, worn, or old to have a negative effect on your curb appeal. When garage doors are not the right style or the garage door windows “clash” with the windows of the house, or it makes your home appear outdated, replacing them with designs that add to instead of subtract from your home’s exterior ups the curb appeal quotient.

2. Increase Resale Value

Today’s savvy homebuyer looks for exterior finishing elements that boost curb appeal, and an attractive garage door can be a selling point. Home improvements don’t have to be expensive to make a difference. When upgrading the garage door to increase resale value, select one that looks good while being easy to maintain.

3. Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Spending money on home improvements is a good thing. But where should you spend the time and money? Investing in new garage doors are a good ROI for the following reasons:

  • Retains value – for example, you paid $1,600 for the upgrade and when you sold your house the upgrade was worth $1,450
  • Cuts energy costs
  • When made of quality materials, including tracks, rollers, and springs, they can last a long time before needing to be replaced

4. Energy-Efficient Doors Save Money

If the garage door is older than 15 years, it’s most likely costing you more money than it should. Especially when the garage is attached to the house, a garage door that allows heat or cool air to escape even when they’re not opening and closing can cause temperatures to fluctuate, making nearby living areas uncomfortable and increasing your energy bills. Replacing old garage doors with ones that are insulated, include double pane glass windows, or are constructed of recyclable materials that can withstand the elements increases your home’s energy-efficiency.

5. Improve Home Security

For many homeowners, security is a major concern. If your garage door is an older model and hasn’t been upgraded, it could be a security risk to you and your family. Modern garage doors are designed with safety features to protect your home from break-ins – manually and remotely.

Garage Door Replacement Tips

Don’t DIY – have it professionally installed. Garage door installations involve a number of different parts that need to work together, specialized tools, and the proper calibration of springs. The process can become complicated fast.

Wood is always a favourite when adding exterior finishing elements. But it can be time-consuming to maintain. Choose low maintenance materials such as steel, aluminum, wood composites or vinyl.

When upgrading the garage door, select a design that complements the architectural style of your home.

Consider investing in customized garage doors to get the exact security features you want.