5 Reasons to Hire a Gutter Cleaning Service

When it comes to basic home maintenance task such as cleaning the gutters or doing minor gutter repairs, many people do it themselves to save money. But keeping the gutters clean and in good shape can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. While being budget-friendly and experiencing that sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a DIY project are great motivators, consider these five reasons to hire a gutter cleaning service.

You don’t need any equipment.

The cost of tools, equipment, cleaning supplies, and parts for gutter repair can quickly add up. If you have aluminum gutters or seamless aluminum gutters, you might need to use a ladder stabilizer or special cleaning solutions intended to protect aluminum rain gutters to prevent denting or damaging the gutter system. Hiring a licensed gutter cleaning service means you don’t need to purchase any equipment you don’t currently have on hand such as a wet/dry vacuum, pressure washer, or leaf blower.

Help prevent water damage.

If gutter cleaning hasn’t been done in a while or the overflowing issues hasn’t been fixed, faulty gutters cause problems – anything from algae or moss growth on siding to a sagging gutter system to a cracked foundation. Hiring a gutter cleaning or gutter repair service ensures that skilled technicians will clean, inspect, and repair your gutters and downspouts, keeping your property safe from water damage.

Extend the lifespan of your gutters.

Regular gutter cleaning by a gutter cleaning service and getting the gutters inspected and repaired by a gutter repair service company extends the lifespan of the gutter system. Over time, moisture, standing water, dented gutter sections, and worn seams can lead to the deterioration of the gutter system. Neglected gutters can’t prevent rusting, leaks, basement flooding, and foundation or structural issues. Extending the lifespan of your gutters is a cost-effective way to avoid expensive repairs or having to replace the gutters.

It saves you time and is convenient.

If you have good intentions but never seem to get around to actually cleaning the gutters because of your busy schedule, hire a contractor. A gutter cleaning service or a gutter repair service will come to your residence, inspect the gutters, and then tell you what needs to be done. They will give you an estimate outlining exactly what they will be doing, how much it will cost, and how much they will charge for labour. In addition to saving time and convenience, hiring a gutter cleaning service or gutter repair service keeps you safe, especially if your house is more than one storey or a roof configuration that makes parts of the gutter system hard to reach.

Help protect the environment.

The products we use, the way in which we use them, and how we dispose of discarded waste and materials in the process of maintaining our homes can negatively impact the environment and increase our carbon footprint. Professional gutter cleaning and gutter repair service companies have the knowledge, experience, and resources to implement techniques, handle equipment, and use products that reduce the impact home maintenance might have on the environment. Before hiring a gutter cleaning or gutter repair service, ask about the company’s sustainability practices