Common Signs Gutters Need Replacing

Whether you’ve moved into an older home or you’ve simply forgotten exactly when they were installed, there are red flags you can look for that will tell you it’s time to replace your old rain gutters.

Water and/or Rust Stains

Water and/or rust stains might simply be a sign, especially in Vancouver gutters are blocked, causing them to overflow. But if the reason is leaks, particularly in the case of a gutter system made of metal, water and rust stains
could be good indicators that its time to get new gutters.


Leaking gutters might occur in a “blind spot.” If mold appears on the siding of your house or on the fascia, this is another red flag that your gutters are not functioning the way they should.

General Appearance

Walk around your home. What do you see? When gutters are sagging, discolored, cracked or have fasteners coming loose, it’s probably time to think about a new gutter system.

Landscaping Near the House

What does the landscaping directly around your house look like? If there are channels in the grass or dirt, this is another indication that the gutters are not doing their job. Also inspect the ground for any washed-out spots or pools of water after a heavy rain storm.