Gutter Repair

MHC Gutters will promptly complete any gutter repair needed to have your gutter system working efficiently again. Instead of being safely diverted away from your home, leaking, broken or damaged gutters can allow water to accumulate where it can do harm. Damaged gutters not only function poorly, they also detract from your home’s “curb appeal,” devaluing your home.

Common Gutter Repair

Some common gutter repairs are:

  • General “tightening up” of the system
  • Secure or reinforce gutters by adding additional hangers
  • Re-pitch gutters that aren’t flowing properly
  • Re-adjust slope of the gutter system
  • Re-attach downspouts
  • Add downspouts to redistribute water and increase capacity
  • Re-seal seams and corners

Water allowed to pool too close to the foundation can leak into the basement or compromise the structural integrity of your home. Proper positioning of the downspout is an important part of the gutter system: it ensures correct drainage away from your home’s foundation.

Our expert professionals will diagnose drainage problems and offer free advice on what you can do to keep your gutter system working properly.