Gutter Cleaning

Complications from blocked gutters can lead to expensive repairs. Cleaning your gutters and routinely maintaining your gutter system could prevent serious damage to your home. When leaves, twigs, birds’ nests and other types of debris are allowed to build up, gutters become clogged, causing them to overflow or leak. Debris that causes clogs can also harm your gutter system. During winter, pooled water in backed up gutters can create “ice dams.” Because ice is heavier than water, a gutter can become misshapen or broken. In order to function properly, rain gutters must be free of debris, to allow water to be efficiently diverted from the roof, foundation or walls. Routine gutters cleaning and maintenance is important and necessary.

But cleaning gutters on your own or hiring a general handyman can be risky, leading to accidents where someone is seriously hurt or even killed. Calling a professional is the ideal solution.

MHC Gutters provides professional gutters cleaning and maintenance services. Since we will provide you with the proper documentation that will demonstrate we carry the required liability insurance and adequate worker’s compensation, you will never have to worry about safety. Our professionalism and expertise ensure that your gutter system will be cleaned promptly and competently.

To cut down the number of times you might need to clean your gutters, another option is to install a leaf-guard system. A good gutter cover system can protect your gutter system from potential harm, while adding beauty and value to your home.

When to Clean Your Gutters

We find the best time to clean your gutters is in the early spring, before the spring/summer rains. You should plan to clean your gutter system again in the fall after the leaves have fallen. Having clean gutters during winter can prevent “ice dams” and the resulting damage.

Maintenance Plans

At MHC Gutters, we offer you annual, bi-annual and customer-tailored cleaning plans at discounted prices. Contact us for details on a plan that’s right for you.

In addition to a variety of maintenance plans, we also install leaf-guard systems. For a free estimate on a gutter maintenance plan or a leaf-guard system, call us at 604-552-4866 or click on our “Request a Fee Quote” button on our web page.