Home Exterior Decorating ideas for Fall

We want to hang onto summer for as long as possible, but after Labour Day most of us can’t help but think of fall. You can still enjoy outdoor spaces until it starts to rain for real. Swap out the white whicker summer furniture for burgundy or golden brown Adirondack chairs. Here are some other home exterior decorating ideas for fall that will add some seasonal autumn touches while boosting curb appeal.


Hand-crafted or ready-made, garlands placed around windows are a simple and easy way to bring the beauty of fall colours to your home’s exterior. They come in a variety of themes such as autumn berries and pumpkins. Fall leaf garlands can also include berries, acorns, and pinecones.

For more illumination as the days get shorter, twine a string of LED lights into each garland.

Front Door

The front door is the main focal point of a house exterior and is a major factor in curb appeal. A seasonal wreath using fall colours, autumn flowers or small gourds will brighten your door, making it a welcoming place to enter.

But you don’t have to go the traditional wreath route. Glue pinecones into an arrangement, spray paint them fall colours and hang them on your front door. The ideas are endless – mount a small basket to the door and fill it with apples, pomegranates, and sprigs of cranberries; attach a chalkboard and write seasonal messages in red, brown and orange chalk; fasten a vase-shaped basket to the front door, adding artificial fall flowers and berry sprigs.

If you plan on decorating the windows with garlands, put a matching fall garland around your entry door to give the front of the house a coordinated look.

Porch, Patio or Deck 

Put large ceramic pots or hanging baskets around the porch and your front door an immediate infusion of autumn sights and scents.

Add autumn-themed throws to existing patio chairs in preparation for those cooler evenings. Substitute cushions in lighter shades with ones in bold reds, bright oranges, and warm browns.

Place a fall-themed “Welcome” mat in front of the entry door.

Wrap autumn garlands around railings and posts to give a porch, patio or deck that certain fall flair.

Rain Chains

Rain chains originated in Japan and have been around for several hundred years. Typically utilized in a gutter system as a replacement for downspouts, they can also be used as a decorative element on a porch, patio, deck, or in other hardscaping and landscaping elements. You can fasten the rain chain anywhere along a roofline, shed overhang or tree, anchoring the end into a container garden, water feature, or rock garden. Zinnia blossoms and cascading autumn leaves are popular rain chain cup themes. The aesthetics of a rain chain are significantly influenced by the design (cup vs. links), material (copper, aluminum), and overall shape, which also determines the sound produced.


Who says that festive coloured lights are only for Thanksgiving, Halloween and the winter holidays? Replace the white bulbs of porch, patio or entry door lights with red, green, orange, and yellow ones.

Select strings of orange LED lights – they are available in just the colour or in autumn and Halloween-specific themes. They can be placed around window/door frames, sprinkled on the top of hedges, flung into tree branches, or added to deck railings and porch posts.

The Yard 

For more curb appeal ideas, find ways to add some attention-grabbing finishing touches to your yard. Areas of the property that are colourful in summer, but starting to become dormant in fall can still be attractive focal points by repurposing vintage items such as old washtubs, wheelbarrows, and wood ladders; ideal for a display of pumpkins, carved pumpkins, and other fall flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 

Buy or make wind chimes, a welcome banner, or birdhouses painted bird in autumn colours. Place them strategically in your garden where they will work well as secondary focal points, drawing the eye in and attracting the right kind of attention.